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Love & Hip Hop New York Star Accuses Rich Dollaz of Stealing From Her

Rich Dollaz Love and Hip Hop New YorkLove & Hip Hop New York’s Olivia Longott made her return to reality tv. She’s been missing these past couple of seasons of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and many were glad to see the artist after such a long break.

Olivia had taken some time off to focus on her family and it hasn’t been easy. Her mother was sick. Olivia had needed to help her father with her mother and unfortunately they recently lost her.

Love & Hip Hop New York – Olivia Longott Returns

Its been hard on Olivia, but she was ready to put herself back out there and she wanted to begin again with her career. Olivia is a singer. She has the talent and she’s put out a few songs. She did that with her friend Rich Dollaz at one point and it seems like he took advantage of her. They created two songs together and then Rich collected the money without giving anything back to Olivia.

She has never seen money from the two songs she created with Rich. He collected all of it and he broke up their friendship in doing so. The two used to refer to each other as family and now Olivia can’t stand to hear his name. She was even spilling the tea about him to PHresher.

Love & Hip Hop New York – Olivia Accuses Rich Dollaz of Stealing From Her

PHresher and Rich haven’t been getting along lately because Rich stole an artist from PHresher and so PHresher was willing to use Olivia resentment to sign her as a new artist to his label.

He was still trying to build that up and he was getting desperate. He owed money to one of his artists and he now has to pay for two households because his baby mama hasn’t allowed him to come back home. And so the next question is about Olivia.

Is Olivia the answer to all his problems?

Or will that create even more problems with Rich?

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