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Trina and Nikki Natural Battle It Out on the Next Episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”

Nikki Natural - Love & Hip Hop MiamiTrina and Nikki Natural used to like each other. The two first met back when Trina was holding auditions for her all-girl tour and Trina had liked watching Nikki perform. She said Nikki brought out her inner-ratchet. Trina even considered hiring Nikki for the tour, but first she wanted to test how good Nikki was and that’s what led to their following out.

Nikki didn’t want to be “tested”. She was asked to rap battle another artist and she became offended that she was asked to do that. Nikki announced to everyone how she wasn’t battling no one. She said she doesn’t do that and that no one was going to make her. She got very loud when she shouldn’t have. She also stayed around rather than walk off and so she wore out her welcome pretty damn quick.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Trina VS Nikki Natural

The truth is Nikki made a nuisance of herself. She even grabbed the microphone from out of Trina’s hands just to tell Trina that she can’t make her battle anyone and so Nikki wasn’t just annoying.

She was the one that blew up her chances with Trina and yet she tried to blame someone else for it. She tried to blame her then boyfriend Trick and she also threw in some blame for his ex-wife. Nikki was so sure that everyone ruined her chances that one by one people got sick of her.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Nikki And Sukihana Go To War

Trick dropped her, Trina wanted nothing to do with her, and it would have ended right then if she hadn’t gotten into another fight. Nikki got into an argument. She also managed to grab the other person’s phone in the middle of this argument and so now this girl wants her phone back. Sukihana wants her phone and so Trina offered to play peacemaker.

In next week’s preview of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”, you can see Trina reach out to Nikki and asked for everything to be settled but once again Nikki can’t control herself and it leads to another fight. And that basically every single episode with Nikki in it.

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