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Love & Hip Hop Miami Amara La Negra Could Lose the Rights to Her Music

Love & Hip Hop Miami Amara La Negra Could Lose the Rights to Her MusicUnfortunately, Taylor Swift wasn’t the only one getting screwed. There were plenty of other artists out there that were fighting for their rights to their music and Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra happened to be one of them. The entertainer was fighting her manager Jullian Boothe. Boothe took a chance on Amara when she had nothing and no one and now he’s expecting blood in return.

The fallout between these two happened gradually. There were first rumors about Boothe being a shady character and how he stole money from his business partner/one his of artists. Amara had asked Boothe if any of these rumors were true and he denied it. He said it was all a misunderstanding. Amara didn’t know how frequently Boothe has these misunderstandings until he had one with her. Boothe later climbed into her bed one night.

Boothe claimed he had passed out on the bed because he was drunk and it was the closest thing nearby. He also claimed that they had to share a room because they didn’t have enough money in the budget for two, but then what happened to the money he supposedly put into his label. The one he got using Trina’s name and the one that didn’t go towards Trina’s album or anything involving her.

Boothe had previously stated he got that money for himself. He told everyone how it was his money and it went into his label because he was building it up. Yet, there was no money for two rooms. Not even at a motel or a Holiday Inn. It just seemed a little too suspicious that he had to share a room with the beautiful Amara and, on that night in question, he went into her bed. He said Amara quickly got up and changed beds.

She says that he climbed into her bed and then began to feel her up. It was a classic case of he said/she said but Amara can’t do anything about it. She can’t drop him as her manager because he’s going to fight to keep her music. She can’t stay either because Boothe has crossed a line. He may or may not have harassed her and now he was set to punish her if she walks way away. And so Amara was facing an uphill battle.

And it was body of work that was on the line here.

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