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Love & Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Is Trick Daddy and Brisco’s Friendship Over?

Love & Hip Hop Miami Spoilers: Is Trick Daddy and Brisco’s Friendship Over?Trick Daddy, otherwise known as one of the stars on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”, was dating Nikki Natural when a few things about her came out. It was revealed that she was talking to other men while she was Trick and so that created doubt. Trick must have felt like he couldn’t trust her. He also was sorta tired. He had put up with a lot of things from her and her attitude wasn’t improving much.

Nikki got upset over the slightest things. She had made a fool of herself on stage once and she somehow blamed on everyone else but her. She claimed that Trick’s ex-wife was trying to get her.

She told Trick how Joy’s posse didn’t want her to succeed and that’s why she wasn’t picked to join Trina’s tour. She left out the part how she had argued with Trina. How she became insulting and flat-out rude to Trina. And how she thought she would automatically get the job just because she was dating Trick.

Trick had tried to let that whole thing slide. He pretended to hear her out as she complained about his ex-wife and then he found out she wasn’t as committed to him as she pretended. So, that gave him an out. Trick kicked Nikki out of his house because he couldn’t trust her and so the rumors about her with Brisco were quite effective. It had set Trick free. He also wasn’t even angry with Brisco over the whole thing.

The two men have known each other for years. They were close and they had talked about the whole Nikki thing. Brisco wanted to make sure Trick wasn’t offended and he wasn’t. Trick was glad to be free. He told Brisco he wouldn’t let anything come between them, but then that’s when he heard Brisco had gone on a date with his ex-wife Joy.

Brisco had said in passing and it had taken Trick by surprise. Trick was still in love with his ex-wife and so if anything was going to get in the way of his friendship with Brisco – it was going to be Joy and not Nikki!

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