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Love & Hip Hop Miami: Does Amara La Negra Have a Case For Sexual Harassment?

Love and Hip Hop Miami - Amara La NegraLove & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra is an entertainer. She raps, she sings, and she dances. She does it all. She also relies on her manager Julian Booth quite heavily. He’s in charge of the money and he runs her career. There isn’t a decision about her life that hasn’t been run by him.

Julian was everything to Amara’s career. He likes to tell Amara that they’re like family and that he’ll always have her back, but then there was the “incident”. Julian and Amara had shared a hotel room because they’ve done that in the past. Sometimes there wasn’t enough money to get two rooms and so they would get one room with each of them getting their own bed.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Julian And Amara’s Hotel “Incident”

They’ve done this plenty of times without a problem. But then the “incident” happened. Julian got so drunk that he tried sliding into the same bed as Amara and he tried to feel her up. Julian was still her manager and so technically he sexually harassed one of his stars. Julian has crossed a line and he should be held accountable.

Not that he sees it that way. Julian was using the fact that he holds her career in his hands to get away his shady sh*t. He is now pretending nothing like the “incident” had ever happened and he was telling Amara she must have been confused.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Julian Denies Allegations

He denies he sexually harassed Amara. He almost came to blows with Amara’s boyfriend Emjay because he still refuses to admit to what he did and so for now it’s a he said/she said.

Julian said the “incident” never happened and Amara was claiming differently.

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