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This Is Us Spoilers: Hit Show Tackles Mental Health Issues, What’s Next For Randall Pearson?

This Is Us Randall PearsonThis Is Us season 4 spoilers reveal the show is going to tackle another hot topic. This time, expect to learn more about Randall Pearson’s (Sterling K. Brown) mental health, self-care and how the character takes care of his wellness. If this is done just right, it could be a huge win for mental health advocates.

Randall Pearson’s Anxiety

During the seasons, viewers learned that Randall struggled with anxiety ever since he was a boy. While the condition never went away, the character did learn ways to cope with the symptoms.

Expect to learn more about what Randall goes through when new episodes begin airing this week.

This Is Us Season 4B Spoilers: Mental Health Wellness

Mental health advocates learn a lot while helping others. One of the lessons is that a mental health diagnosis doesn’t just deal with the illness itself or symptoms. It also has a lot to do with self-care and wellness (not to be confused with treatment). This is going to be one of Randall’s storylines.

According to Deadline, Brown stated during a TCA panel for This Is Us what viewers can expect with the anxiety storyline.

“… [This Is Us will] delve into Randall’s mental health and how he takes care of himself, what’s right and what’s wrong about how he takes care of himself.”

Touchy and Taboo Topic

Despite increased education, awareness and discussions, there still is a huge and damaging mental health stigma. It is even worse when it comes to men because traditional gender stereotypes convince some it is “weak” to seek help.

A lot of people still consider mental illness to be a touchy and taboo topic. While only small tidbits were revealed, we have a feeling This Is Us is going to tackle it head-on.

Will It Be Done Right?

This Is Us has successfully handled other sensitive topics in the past. As long as mental health wellness is portrayed accurately and carefully, then this could be a huge win for those who live with mental illness, their loved ones, psychiatric professionals and advocates.

We will have to see exactly how Randall’s anxiety and wellness is handled. However, if history is any indication, we are optimistic about how this could help break down stigma.

Be sure to tune in to catch up on everything happening with the TV show right now. Come back here often for This Is Us spoilers, news, updates and rumors!

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