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Love and Hip Hop New York: Did PHresher Steal Money From His Sidepiece?

PHresher Love and Hip HopThere was more to the story than Love  and Hip Hop star PHresher first claimed.

Phresher, you see, is a rapper. He’s been around for a while and so he probably knows how to get creative with his money. He knows when to spend to money on his music and when to spend on his family. But ONE questions remains. Did PHresher get a little too creative with the money he received an artist he was helping?

Love and Hip Hop New York: Phresher and Jada

The artist’s name is Jada. Jada is young and attractive and she was also apparently Phresher’s sidepiece. She gave him money to not only represent her in the music industry but also because she thought her man needed it. Jada even believed that she and PHresher had a future together and so she didn’t turn vengeful until she found out he was still with Jenn. Also known as Jenn the Groupie Slayer.

Jenn was the mother of PHresher’s children. She was way too invested to be going anywhere and its why she stayed with PHresher despite the countless groupies that hung around her man. She was in it for the long haul. Jenn had been fine with her life with PHresher and again she figured she wasn’t going anywhere when Jada contacted her over social media. Jada had wanted Jenn to know that PHresher stole $60,000 from her. She targeted Jenn because she thought she could get between Jenn and PHresher and it worked.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Jenn’s Fed Up With PHresher

The preview from next week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” showed Jenn blowing up at PHresher because she got sick of all his lies. He had been sleeping with Jada and he had been playing them both. He didn’t respect either of them. PHresher seems to think only of himself and that’s when Jenn hasn’t allowed him to come home. She wanted him to think about his actions but how can he when he keeps to lying to her.

Phresher is going to claim that nothing happened between him and Jada and he must take Jenn for a fool because there’s no way he got his hands on so much money without telling a different brand of lies to Jada.

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