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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Karlie Redd Still Recovering from Nightclub Assault

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Karlie Redd Still Recovering from Nightclub AssaultThe “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was brutally assaulted on her night out. Karlie Redd is known to many as a controversial person because of her antics on her hit show but did any of that warranted a beat-down?

Karlie was allegedly beaten up by several individuals including one of her co-stars. Her fellow cast members and Karlie herself have always been explosive and usually they saved that particular brand of drama for the reunion show. Only this time it was different. This time there didn’t seem to be anyone holding these people back during a fight and so there might be a chance this wasn’t recorded.

It’s the only excuse for how such a brutal assault was able to happen. Consider this: if it did happen on their watch and they were there and they failed to prevent this attack then that means their automatically responsible for what happened to Karlie. Karlie could potentially sue the network as well as the show.

Karlie was “rushed to the intensive care unit” following her assault. Her injuries must have been severe if that was the case and so this is about more than just reality tv. This has officially become a police matter. The police are investigating the assault and they weren’t releasing any details so far.

The police also weren’t allowing Karlie to resume filming. She was recently released from the hospital and she needs to take the time to heal.

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