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Love & Hip Hop Miami: The Truth is Out About Jullian Boothe!

Love & Hip Hop Miami: The Truth is Out About Jullian Boothe!Love & Hip Hop Miami star Jullian is a crook. He somehow managed to convince several artists to take him seriously and hire him as their manager if not business partner but it’s clear he doesn’t care about them or their careers. Because if he did, he never would have treated Trina that way.

The season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” brought up a whole bunch of mess. It checked in with Trina who recently lost her mom to a very long battle of cancer and it also revealed that someone had taken advantage of her during her time of need. Trina had spent so much of her time taking care of her mother that she let Jullian handle her affairs. She thought, as her manager, that he would have her back and instead he scammed her.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – How Did Jullian Steal From Trina?

Here’s what happened! Trina had finished her album. It took her four years, but she finally finished it and the $300,000 advance she allegedly received was supposed to go towards it. But Jullian used that money on his label. He didn’t even save a dime for Trina and so she didn’t have money to truly launched her album. And it was taken down after she received several cease and desist that she couldn’t pay.

Trina had needed that money. The money was technically hers because it was supposed to go towards business expenses and so it begs the question why Jullian took the money in the first place? He said it went to his record label but where’s the evidence? His other artists are still struggling to gain recognition and so the money didn’t help launch anyone.  It just went right into his pockets!

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Joy Young And Trina Spread The Word

Trina’s cousin Joy had been told all about what happened and so she thought it best to warn Jullian’s other artists what he was doing. If he could do that to Trina, then he could do that to them as well! And so the word is out now.  And even Amara was questioning Jullian’s motives.

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