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Love & Hip Hop Miami: Is Trick Daddy Really Over Wife Joy Young?

Love & Hip Hop Miami: Is Trick Daddy Really Over Wife Joy Young?Love & Hip Hop Miami star Trick Daddy is infamous for his divorce. He’s been divorcing the same woman for the last couple of years now and they still haven’t reached an agreement. He claims the lawyers are the problem. Trick Daddy Dollars said they’ve been messing things up and that he wasn’t going to pay them for it.

Trick had also opened a new restaurant. Proving that he does have money for certain things and so why the restaurant? He said that Miami needed a soul food restaurant. He thought opening Sunday’s would fill that gap and so he was very proud when he finally had his Grand Opening. He practically invited everyone to come and that included both his ex-wife and his current girlfriend, Nikki Natural.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Trick Daddy Dating Nikki Natural

Nikki Natural swears she’s a Christian woman and that’s why they haven’t slept together yet. Although, that explains why she doesn’t want to have sex, it does leave his motive up in the air.

Was he respecting his girlfriend’s wishes or was he using her Christianity as an excuse not to face some real feelings here? Everyone and their mother suspect he’s still in love with Joy Young. It could even explain why he hasn’t divorce Joy despite the many years.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Trick Daddy’s Wife Meets His Girlfriend

Joy met his new girlfriend Nikki Natural. She didn’t get into her face or anything like that. She was actually pretty cordial to the other woman and so it was clear she was over Trick but was he over her?

It all comes back to the money. He claims he doesn’t want to pay the lawyers and then he opens a restaurant. He says he’s dating someone new and then he doesn’t introduce her to anybody important to him.

And all the while the people that know him best, they are out there telling the world he still loves Joy and so maybe Trick was still hung up on her.

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