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Clueless TV Series: Everything We Know So Far About 90’s Movie Reboot

Clueless TV Series: Everything We Know So Far About 90's Movie RebootA popular 1990s movie will soon hit the small screen as CBS TV Studios works on a reboot of “Clueless.” The series will have a new take on the film and will center on Dionne (Stacey Dash) instead of Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone). The TV show will come with a mystery twist involving Cher’s disappearance. For now, the details of the new TV series are being kept tightly under wraps.

What We Know About Clueless TV Reboot

But there are a few things that can be gleaned from the exclusive report by Deadline. The news about the reboot broke back in October 2019. The project will reportedly be a dramatic version of the original high school comedy film.

Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey (Will & Grace) pens the reboot, which is teased as a Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo music video.

The TV series, which is set in high school in L.A. in 2020, is described as “a baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted, tiny sunglasses-wearing, oat milk latté and Adderall-fueled look at what happens when the high school queen bee Cher disappears and her lifelong No. 2 Dionne steps into Cher’s vacant Air Jordans.”

Dionne then steps on the shoes of Cher and becomes the most popular girl in school. Aside from the peer pressure she needs to face, she also has to solve the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of her best friend.

Corinne Brinkerhoff, known for his works like “American Gothic” and “No Tomorrow” along with Tiffany Grant via Brinkerhoff’s overall deal at CBS TV Studios are the executive producers of the upcoming TV show. Robert Lawrence is also executive producing the new show. He was also a producer of the 1995 movie.

1996 Clueless TV Show

The original movie was written and directed by Amy Heckerling under Paramount. CBS TV Studios now has TV rights to this blockbuster movie, which was released back in 1995. The film was also turned into a half-hour comedy series of the same title. It ran for three seasons, one on ABC and two seasons on UPN. In the 1996 adaptation, Rachel Blanchard took over Silverstone’s role as Cher since the latter was available to take on the role. Meanwhile, Dash reprised her role as Dionne on the series.

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