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Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: An Unexpected Wedding Coming – Liam Puts A Ring On Steffy After Hope Fiasco?

The new B&B spoilers bring us exciting news. Liam is quite a womanizer and that is a fact. Having played with Hope making her believe that he was in love with her, now he decides to try his luck with Steffy and relive that old romance.

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Liam and Steffy will begin a relationship very soon; this would have serious consequences on Hope, who after feeling betrayed by Liam decides to look for love in Thomas’s arms.

All of us were waiting for Liam and Hope’s relationship to have a happy ending, we all expected a beautiful wedding where Hope finally got the happiness she deserves and with the man she is in love with. But, Liam had things planned from the beginning. Why did he put so many conditions on Hope to ask for marriage? If he was really in love with her, he also had to accept Hope’s baggage. In fact, the only winner in this situation has turned out to be Steffy … Are we are about to see “Steam” reunion?

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers – Much More Than A Kiss

The kiss between Liam and Steffy was the cause of Hope feeling betrayed. However, Liam does not seem to regret that kiss, even B&B fans may think that Liam took a great weight off of him by having broken Hope’s heart. Maybe marriage was too serious a commitment for someone like Liam?

We know that Liam Forrester is not very good at being faithful to one woman; will Steffy be the one to help Liam control his impulses? It would be very sad for this reformed Liam to ruin a relationship again and also break Steffy’s heart.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Another Steam Wedding?

“Steam” has been about to become a serious relationship for a long time, but the constant doubts of Liam and his undecided heart have been an obstacle for them. Now that Liam and Hope have separated, Steffy has become the new target of our dear Liam.

B&B spoilers warn us about a wedding that will take place very soon. We can rule out the possibility of Liam and Hope, she has a broken heart and Liam is more attracted to Steffy than he has ever been. “Steam” could be the new couple who gets married, and who knows, maybe they can add a baby to the family.

All this and much more we will know in the next episodes of B&B!

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