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Love & Hip Hop Miami: Who Is Trick Daddy’s Girlfriend Nikki Natural – Does She Work For Miami Police?

Love & Hip Hop Miami: Who Is Trick Daddy's Girlfriend Nikki Natural - Does She Work For Miami Police?Love & Hip Hop Miami came back in 2020 with a bang, Trick Daddy, Trina, and the crew are back with some newcomers, including Trick’s new girlfriend Nikki Natural.

With the constant Love & Hip Hop franchise comings and goings, it takes a lot of aspiring female rappers to stand out on the VH1 reality TV series. So, Nikki decided it would be a good way to stand out by disrespecting Her Royal Heighness Trina at an audition. Bad idea. Social media dragged the newbie for throwing around Trick Daddy Dollars clout, and disrespecting Miami’s Rap Queen.

Love And Hip Hop Miami: Who Is Nikki Natural?

So who is Love & Hip Hop Miami’s controversial new cast member? Nikki Natural is of course a stage name, the reality TV star is actually known by the Department of Motor Vehicles as Neisha Cooper. Neisha seems to be claiming her new role on Love and Hip Hop, however VH1 isn’t so quick to claim her and does not have her listed as a full time cast member.

In Nikki’s defense, she actually does have some background in music and did not decide last month that she was going to be a rapper. Long before filming even began for Season 3 of LHHMIA, Nikki Natural was cranking out singles on Soundcloud and in the studio with her sister.

Love And Hip Hop Miami: Trick Daddy’s Girlfriend Nikki Linked To Miami Police

Despite her crazy antics at Trina’s auditions, Nikki Natural is more than just an aspiring rapper, and actually has a college degree. This is where things get interesting. After Nikki’s appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami with Trick Daddy and Trina, fans and internet detectives began buzzing on social media that Nikki has ties to the Miami Police Department.

Of course, if you are familiar with her man Trick Daddy’s arrest record, most recently facing charges this month, then you know why her being an employee of Miami PD is especially scandalous.

As hilarious as it would be if Trick Daddy was dating someone who worked at Miami PD, sadly it seems to all be a big misunderstanding. Distractify revealed a few weeks ago that Nikki Natural studied forensics while pursuing her degree, “From there, she “decided to leave the music alone [and] chase the medical field,” and she also has story highlights of her participating in homicide forensics with the Miami Police Department, where she says she saw her “first homicide body.”

At this time it’s pretty safe to say that those bizarre rumors about Nikki Natural working with the police came from that little tidbit.  What do you think of Trick Daddy’s new LHHMIA girlfriend, and her beef with Trina?  Let us know in the comments below.

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