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Ray J Is Back to Playing the Family Man

Ray J Is Back to Playing the Family ManRay J recently posted on Instagram an adorable picture of his newborn son Epik. The little boy is very cute, and any proud parent would be happy to show him off. His father however didn’t seem the type.

It’s like he posted the photos because now we’re supposed to forget all the crap he put his wife through. What was it like a month ago that his wife was posting on social media that he left her pregnant and alone in a foreign city? And also didn’t she have no way of getting back home without him?

Yeah, that’s right he was a jerk. He tends to mistreat his wife Princess Love and, for some reason, she keeps taking back. Like is the money that good! It can’t be easy living with him and he’s mostly known as Kim Kardashian’s ex. But maybe he earns serious money on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”. It sure can’t be from his music. He hasn’t been heard on mainstream radio in a while.

It also can’t be his personality because again he’s a jerk. He threw her into the pool during an argument once and when they fight – it tends to spill over onto social media. These two truly are as messy as hell. It’s amazing that they managed to bring one child into the world much less two, but they aren’t exactly compatible, now are they?

And adding babies into the mix isn’t going to fix this broken marriage.

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