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Why Is 50 Cent Always Feuding With A Woman?

This latest incident involves Teairra Marí. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum once had a revenge porn lawsuit and surprisingly 50 shut it down.

Not only did he shut it down, but he also got the judge to agree that Teairra should pay his legal fees and currently Teairra is claiming she can’t pay those bills. She says she’s broke. She said she doesn’t have the money to pay off 50 Cent and he’s claiming differently.

Teairra Marí. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Alum Once Had A Revenge Porn Lawsuit Against 50 Cent

This is the same man that often gets into arguments/feuds with women. He belittles them when they break up with him or he outright ignores the child he has with them if he’s really feeling spiteful that day. 50 Cent has always been problematic. He starts these public feuds and ends up looking ridiculous.

But does he look ridiculous now? Teairra did lose her lawsuit and the judge demanded she pay off 50 Cent’s legal fees. The bill for that is somewhere is the $30,000s. No one can agree if its an even $30,000 or if its like $34,000. Either way it’s a massive bill. A bill she says she can’t pay and one she doesn’t seem to be making any effort at trying to pay.

Teairra Reportedly Made $100,000 Last Year

Teairra reportedly made $100,000 last year. There’s also reports that she’s been moving around money and doing her best to hide her assets. It’s a smart move on her part, but 50 Cent has had his own experience with moving around money. He once claimed he was broke as well and yet that didn’t stop him from taking pictures in a bed full of cash.

So, 50 knows her game. He’s even played it with the tax man and that’s why, despite that she lost, it still grates that she owes money to 50 Cent. Why should he get away with unpaid bills and no one else is allowed a break? And to answer the question of whether or not he looks ridiculous – the answer is yes!

Its about time someone played him for once.

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